Nearly 300 newly registered Russian-owned companies appear in Serbia

NEWS 05.04.2022 23:23
radni stol, posao, žena, djevojka
Source: Pixabay

Almost 300 Russian-owned companies have been registered in Serbia since the Russian invasion of Ukraine was launched, according to the Business Registers Agency (APR).

Russian nationals and companies have registered 288 companies since February 24. The APR data showed that Ukrainians registered just 6 companies in Serbia in that time. Ten Russian and 3 Ukrainian companies were shut down in that same period.

The newly registered Russian companies are mainly registered for IT and consulting services and the Ukrainian companies for consulting, catering and transport. The Russians shut down catering, construction, architecture, vehicle tire production and cosmetics companies while the Ukrainians shut down an advertising agency, chemical product retailer and mobile catering companies.

The APR data shows that Serbia has a total of 876 companies owned entirely or partly by Russians and 524 entrepreneurs not including shareholder societies such as the Serbian Oil Industry (NIS), YUGOROSGAZ, Lukoil Serbia whose owners include some Russians.

Serbia also has 173 companies owned by Ukrainian nationals and companies as well as 96 entrepreneurs.


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