Number of computer security incidents continues to grow in Croatia

NEWS 08.02.2023 17:16

In 2022, the national Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) received and processed 1,296 reports that can be classified as computer security incidents, which is 7% more than in 2021, the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNET) said on Wednesday.

The national CERT, a CARNET department, is a national body that responds to computer security incidences and works to improve the security of information systems in Croatia.

Last year the most common were phishing incidents, when attackers send malicious electronic messages designed to deceive people into sharing sensitive information.

Scam incidents, in which attackers, mainly by using email messages, try to get potential victims to act to their benefit, increased the most, by as much as 664.

The number of discovered compromised websites declined by 38.7% from 2021. The incidents included web defacement (an attack that changes the visual appearance of a website), phishing URLs, malware URLs and spam URLs.

A total of 68,879 bots, software applications programmed to execute specific tasks as part of another computer program or to simulate human activity, were recorded, down by 70.0% from 2021.

The largest number of incidents was registered in August 2022 because of an increase in the number of phishing campaigns targeting users of mobile banking services in light of the changeover to the euro. Attackers attempted to get customers to download a new mobile banking application in order to gain access to their banking data.


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