Serbia’s PM Brnabic: European Parliament resolution was meant to pressure Serbia

N1, Ilustracija

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Friday that the resolution adopted a day earlier by the European Parliament was meant to keep up pressure applied to Belgrade and "send a clear message, primarily to Kosovo Serbs," news agency Beta reported.

Speaking to the pro-regime TV Pink, Brnanic said that the point of the resolution and similar documents was to “maintain constant pressure on Serbia.”

“The European Parliament resolution is completely in line with the policy that says that the Brussels Agreement exists for Belgrade but not for Pristina. That document has Brussels’ signature on it, that is (former High Representative) Catherine Ashton’s. How can you demand something of Belgrade and can’t secure the implementation of a 15-point agreement for more than 9 years,” she said.

She said that European Union documents on negotiation Chapter 35 make no mention of mutual recognition between Serbia and Kosovo. “They mention a comprehensive normalization in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and make no mention of mutual recognition,” Brnabic said.