Slovenia to ramp up control of compliance with existing anti-epidemic rules

NEWS 19.11.2021 16:43
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Slovenia will not introduce new restrictions for the time being, despite the spread of coronavirus, however, tighter measures will be on the agenda if the current situation does not start to improve, the government told a press conference on Friday.

Health Minister Janez Poklukar said that based on recommendations by epidemiologists, schools will continue online, however, the government has upheld a suggestion for the public sector and anyone who can, to switch to teleworking, while checks of COVID certificates in public transport and schools will be ramped up.

Testing students in schools over the past few days has shown a 40% increase in the disease among children aged between 5 and 14. That is a significant source of the disease in public transport and stricter controls will be introduced.

If it is determined that the mandatory mask wearing or COVID certificates in public transport are not being adhered to, then new restrictions could be possible in that area, announced Poklukar.

“Vaccination is the safest and most efficient measure in the fight against the contagion,” he added.

Poklukar announced that a decision has been adopted for compensation for vaccine side effects and health problems caused by the vaccination.

The country’s Finance Minister Andrej Sircelj said that the government has approved support for the most vulnerable groups.

Pensioners with allowances of up to €510 will receive a COVID supplement of €300. Smaller supplements will be paid to disabled persons, students and farmers and some other categories. The government has set aside €180 million for that purpose.

Slovenia registered 3,517 new cases in the past 24 hours with a 42.5% share of positive tests and 21 people died as a consequence of coronavirus.

There are currently 1,127 hospitalised patients, 13 more than the day before and 252 patients are in ICU, one fewer than on Thursday.


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