Transparency NGO calls for detailed information on vaccination distribution

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Tiziana FABI / AFP (ilustracija)

After local media reported earlier this week that Zagreb University's Rector, Damir Boras, had skipped the line to receive Covid vaccination, the transparency NGO Gong reacted on Thursday by asking the government to release detailed data on how many doses of the vaccine had been requested and used so far by every public institutions for its employees and officials.

“At a time when over 700,000 elderly and ill citizens are waiting their turn to be vaccinated due to delays in vaccine delivery at the European level, it is necessary that the government provides information on the fair distribution and use of vaccine”, Gong said in a press release sent to the media.

They added that the government’s vaccination rollout plan had originally identified priority groups which in the first phase of vaccination included health workers and caregivers at retirement homes only. This was later extended to include members of the government, MPs, and judges of the Constitutional and Supreme courts.


“The justification for this was that (vaccinating prominent officials) worked to promote the importance of vaccination. However, the case of (Zagreb University head) Damir Boras suggests that there were also some who skipped the line,” Gong said.

They said that releasing the data on the distribution of the vaccine could increase the public’s trust in the importance of vaccination and in responsible coronavirus crisis management.

Croatia had received its first batch of Pfizer-made vaccine in late December. The first shipments of Moderna’s vaccine arrived in January, and the first AstraZeneca vaccines were administered on Wednesday.

Boras and his wife had reportedly been vaccinated at one of Zagreb hospital’s dental departments in late January, even though the do not belong to any priority group designated by the government. Boras was diagnosed with Covid-19 in November and has fully recovered since.

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