US official ‘conveys support’ for Croatia’s efforts to diversify energy supply

NEWS 27.05.202211:03

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Thursday conveyed, during a phone conversation with Croatian PM Andrej Plenkovic, US support for Croatia's efforts to help neighboring countries diversify energy supply, including via the LNG terminal on the northern Adriatic island of Krk.

The White House said in a statement yesterday that Sullivan spoke on the telephone with Plenkovic about the situation in Ukraine and diversification of energy sources.

“Mr. Sullivan conveyed US support for Croatia’s efforts to help neighboring countries diversify their energy supplies away from Russian sources, including via the expansion of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Krk,” the statement reads.

Plenkovic recently said that the LNG terminal at Krk would have a major role in achieving European energy security and that additional expansion of its capacity was being considered, not only for the sake of Croatia’s needs but also for the sake of the needs of Central European countries.

The White House statement also said that Sullivan and Plenkovic underscored their strong commitment to continue supporting Ukraine in response to Russia’s unprovoked military aggression.

“They also exchanged views on stability in the Western Balkans,” the statement says.