Voting repeated at two polling stations

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Voting in Croatian parliamentary polls will be repeated at two polling stations on Sunday, and even though this cannot influence the outcome of the 17 April vote, it can have an impact on when the election results will become final and official and when the deadline to convene the new Sabor starts running. Pročitaj više

Due to deadlines for complaints, the election results could become final on Thursday, 25 April at the earliest, and on Tuesday, 30 April at the latest, according to the State Election Commission (DIP), whose president Radovan Dobronić will submit the final election results to President Zoran Milanovic.

It is the President of the Republic who calls the first session of the new parliament, no later than 20 days after the publication of the final election results.

The first session of the parliament will be an opportunity to see if any of the parties and coalitions that ran in the 17 April election have managed to win the support of at least 76 parliamentary deputies, which is the necessary majority to elect the Parliament Speaker and constitute the Sabor.

Voting will be repeated today in the municipalities of Sracinec and Markušica, in constituencies 3 and 5, due to excess ballots found in ballot boxes.

So far, there has been one unsuccessful attempt in Croatia to constitute the parliament after elections, in December 2015, when the relative winner was the HDZ-led Patriotic Coalition led by Tomislav Karamarko, with 59 seats won.

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