Croatia: Salaries in public sector 32% higher in April

NEWS 06.04.202417:08 0 komentara
Pixabay / Ilustracija

The payment of salaries according to the new, higher pay coefficients has begun for civil and public sector employees, and their salaries in April are on average 32% higher than in the same period of 2023, the Justice and Public Administration Ministry said on Saturday.

A total of 244,000 civil servants will receive the new, higher salaries.

The pay rise is a result of a remuneration system reform whereby the government has introduced, after almost three decades, a new remuneration system and a more just and simpler classification and consolidation of civil and public sector posts, the ministry said, noting that the reform cost €1.63 billion.

The remuneration system reform also includes new coefficients for the Croatian Army and an increase in soldiers’ wages of around 38%.

As of 1 April, the amended Act on the Salaries and Other Entitlements of Judicial Officials has been in force, owing to which judges and prosecutors will receive higher salaries and other entitlements, the ministry said.

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