Croatian crèche opens in Serbia, new projects underway

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A significant milestone was reached in Subotica as a Croatian crèche was inaugurated on Friday, a project financed by the Croatian government.

On this occasion, an agreement worth 1.2 million euros was sealed with the Croatian National Council in Serbia.

The construction of the nursery school not only secures care and a nurturing environment for approximately 30 youngest children but also strengthens the educational framework for the Croatian minority n Serbia,, it was said at the inaugural ceremony.

“This is sowing the seeds for the future. The Croatian government acknowledges these endeavours as pivotal for the Croatian community in Serbia,” said Zvonko Milas, State Secretary of the Central State Office for Croats outside Croatia.

Tomislav Zigmanov, President of the Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina (DSHV) and minister in the Serbian government, said that the opening of the Croatian crèche The Croatian government acknowledges these endeavours as pivotal for the Croatian community in Serbia is “a solid foundation for furthering bilateral relations between the two nations.”

Jasna Vojnic, President of the Croatian National Council in Serbia, said the completion of the nursery school is the second major project of the Croatian community funded by the Croatian government,, and worth 960,000 euros.

During his stay in Subotica, Milas signed a contract for another major project entitled “Build a Mill Where There Is Water.” This involves the construction, renovation, and refurbishment of seven facilities – “small Croatian centers” in places in Serbia where Croats are significant in numbers: Sombor, Sonta, Monostor, Petrovaradin, Ruma, Sid, and Opovo.

While the Croatian government has allocated 1.2 million euros for this venture in the current year, its total cost is anticipated to exceed three million euros.

“Such unwavering support serves to embolden the Croatian community in Serbia, enhancing our prominence and influence within the local landscape,” Zigmanov said.

Notably, the Croatian government’s commitment to bolstering infrastructure, programming, and personnel to support the Croatian minority in Serbia marks a staggering 75-fold increase compared to 2016 and the preceding years.

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