Greek media: DNA on knife belongs to Greek man but is not enough to charge him

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The DNA found on the knife that killed AEK supporter Michalis Katsouris ahead of a match with Dinamo FC in Athens early in August belongs to a Greek hooligan arrested a few days ago, the Greek ERT TV said on Monday.

Because of the murder, 102 Croatian hooligans, Dinamo supporters, have been detained in Greek prisons since then and the investigation is still not over.

Greek media reported last week that the arrested Greek hooligan was Aristidis Delios, 35, an AEK supporter sentenced to 12 months in jail for participating in bloody riots during the Greek Cup finals in Volos. He was arrested last week to serve the sentence.

Delios took part in a fight between Dinamo and AEK supporters in Athens in August when Katsouris was killed. He was questioned as a witness and released.

Security camera footage seen by Greek investigators shows an AEK supporter running by Katsouris and inadvertently making contact with him as they tried to run away from the Dinamo supporters.

During questioning, Delios said he was near Katsouris and that he had a knife which he lost in the riots before Katsouris was killed. He said he and Katsouris were friends, Greek media reported.

Per the ERT, the DNA identification is not enough to press charges against Delios, who claims the DNA was from the fight before Katsouris was stabbed to death. His lawyers, too, claim he is not guilty for the murder.

Media have reported that DNA analysis of knives used in the riots showed there were no traces of the Croatian nationals.

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