Milanovic on new govt: “Nothing has changed. PM continues pointing fingers and threatening”

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Goran Kovacic/PIXSELL

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic on Saturday commented on the new government.

“I’m not the opposition. What I did in the campaign, I would do again. The Constitution does not prohibit it. Just because one politically biased group says otherwise, if the Constitution doesn’t forbid it, it is allowed. This isn’t a new government; it’s the same old government. Everything is the same; the Prime Minister is the same, just pointing fingers and threatening”, Milanovic said.

He noted that there is no reason to expect anything new, adding that the voters of the DP (Homeland Movement) certainly did not vote for Plenkovic. “And yet, he remains the Prime Minister because of the coalition formed and the electoral system in place.”

Milanovic pointed out that the election results show that over 60 percent of voters wanted Plenkovic gone, but he remains.

“We have a Prime Minister who systematically violates the Constitution and boasts about it. He tramples on it, metaphorically speaking. I’m referring to his words. He says that the Constitution binds him only in normal circumstances with normal people. He acts unconstitutionally. What is the solution, what is the remedy? Why doesn’t the Constitutional Court speak out on its own initiative and say that the Prime Minister is violating the Constitution? The government and the President must cooperate,” Milanovic stated.

He also commented on the new government formed by HDZ and DP. “Around him (Plenkovic) are people who don’t dare to look up, let alone say anything.”

Responding to DP’s calls for a museum of communist terror, Milanovic remarked, “I haven’t noticed that we have a museum of the Homeland War, and we need one to perhaps counter Dodik.”

When asked about the decision to run for re-election, Milanovic said, “It depends on me,” adding that he will make the decision in due course.

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