Most satisfied workers have university degree, work in IT and Zagreb

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Citizens with a university degree, those employed in private IT companies and workers in the City of Zagreb are the most satisfied with their job, shows a survey by the MojPosao job search website conducted last year and covering over 2,000 respondents. Pročitaj više

Croatian workers are neither especially satisfied nor excessively dissatisfied with their current job, the findings show. On a scale of one to ten, the average rating is 4.63, up from 4.59 in 2022.

Seventy-two percent of women and 68% of men are not satisfied with their job, giving a rating of six or lower. Among those satisfied, one in three were born after 1995 and 28% were older.

Thirty-four percent of workers with a university degree are satisfied with their job, giving a rating of seven or higher, as are 27% of those who graduated from secondary school.

Most companies give their workers a regular meal break and the findings show that workers are most satisfied with this, followed by adequate work space and the feeling of doing a useful job.

Croatian workers are least satisfied with their pay, benefits and the possibility of promotion. A significant number don’t feel they belong to their firm and don’t see its successes as their own. Many point to insufficient support and care from superiors and a lack of trust in co-workers.

The City of Zagreb has the most satisfied workers (32%), followed by Dalmatia (25%) and central Croatia (23%).

Small firms have more satisfied workers that big ones, 32% and 28%, respectively.

The IT sector records the most satisfied workers (47%), followed by the professional, scientific and technical activity sector (40%).

Private firms have the most satisfied workers, 31% in domestic and 30% in foreign ones, while the least satisfied are workers in foreign institutions (20%) and state companies (26%).

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