Victoriya Boklag: Legal framework in Croatia does not support competition

NEWS 13.04.2021 09:23
Source: United Group

Foreign Investments Council in Croatia (FICC), in cooperation with Deloitte consulting company, presented on Monday the 2020 edition of White Book on foreign investment in Croatia, “Competition has no Alternative”, by Velimir Sonje.

Victoriya Boklag, CEO of United Group which owns telecom operator Telemach Croatia, national TV channels Nova TV and Doma TV, as well as Sport Klub and N1 TV channels, spoke at the presentation of the White Book.


“What we see now is that the (existing) law and the legal framework does not support proper competition beneficial to the population,” Boklag said. “We managed to create great products in terms of content – Sport Klub has the best sports content from around the world, N1 is the most-watched cable channel, but (since) the law supports the situation where two operators dominate the market of fixed telecommunications in Croatia… what happens is that the products that are loved and watched by the people are taken off the market, while we cannot offer them directly to consumers.”


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