Croatia Airlines and Trade Air to operate domestic air transport until 2026

NEWS 09.06.202221:58 0 komentara
Photo by Ekky Wicaksono:

The national flag carrier Croatia Airlines (CA) and Trade Air will sign an agreement with the government to conduct domestic air transport in the period from 4 July 2022 to 28 March 2026, Transport Minister Oleg Butkovic announced at a cabinet meeting on Thursday.

The government adopted an amendment to the decision regarding the obligation to operate domestic air transport for the period from 31 October 2021 to 25 October 2025 changing the period to  between 4 July 2022 and 28 March 2026.

Butkovic noted that at its meeting in April 2020 the government adopted a decision on the obligation to conduct domestic air transport, and that decision was amended in April 2021. The decision ensures the continuity of transport connections and the continuity of regular air transport, which is important for the economic and social development of Croatian regions. This latest decision changes the operating time period.

The minister also recalled that the European Commission published a call for tenders for scheduled air transport in October 2021, in accordance with public service obligations for all routes, and the ministry then communicated it with a series of interested airlines.

Two official bids were submitted, from Croatian Airlines and Trade Air and contracts will be concluded with them, the Minister concluded.

The government also adopted a support program for the care of abandoned, lost or temporarily confiscated domestic animals for 2022, for which 3 million kuna has been set aside from the Ministry of Agriculture’s allocation in the state budget.