Science union wants 20% pay rise

NEWS 02.06.202315:39 0 komentara
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The independent union of science and higher education asked the government on Friday for a 20% pay rise to prevent a further drop in purchasing power and right the injustice in relation to other public sector employees.

Unionist Predrag Markovic told press they pointed out to the government that partially dealing with pay inequality in the civil and public sectors was untenable and harmful.

The only way to deal with the inequalities is as part of the announced bill on wages, he said, adding that there is no need to wait for September to begin negotiations on a base pay rise.

The real purchasing power of employees in the system keeps falling, and the 13.5% increase in food prices shows that inflation, although slowing down, is still very high at 7.9%, the union said.

Pay growth in the business sector was 11.9% for March, budget revenues are good, so we demand a pay rise, Markovic said.

Wages in science and education have fallen disproportionately in comparison with other wages in the country, said the union’s secretary-general, Matija Kroflin.

The government’s partial solutions have undermined collective bargaining and instead of reducing inequalities between workers, the government is increasing them and creating room for strike and expressions of discontent in election year, he added.