Croatian radio documentary wins silver award at New York Festivals Radio Awards

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Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Croatian state radio's documentary drama "The Day I Shall Not Forget for the Rest of My Life" by Djino Djivanovic won its second award, a silver radio microphone trophy at the New York Festivals Radio Awards, "considered one of the most important events of its kind in the world," state agency Hina said on Wednesday.

“The Day I Shall Not Forget for the Rest of My Life” is a story about the Carpathia, a ship best known for rescuing survivors from the Titanic.

Among the ten finalists competing for the Best Radio Award in the history category, there were four Irish documentaries, two British, and one from New Zealand, Sweden and Croatia each. The golden radio microphone went to the show “Stuff the British Stole” by Australia’s ABC Radio.

The award ceremony was held online.

The author of the documentary radio drama is Djino Djivanovic, its producer Nikica Klobucar, sound engineer Srdjan Nogic, and composer Maro Market. Actress Mia Anocic interpreted parts of the diary of Marija Aliuc-Bartowski, a young Croatian woman from Osijek who was a passenger aboard the Carpathia.

Djivanovic said he was happy to win the award and thanked Croatian expert on the Titanic, Slobodan Bobo Novkovic, for his help in the realization of the documentary radio drama, as well as Branimir Bartowski for his cooperation and “his willingness to present his grandmother’s unique diary.”

“This is a great result and another confirmation of the quality of documentary and drama radio programs produced by the Croatian Radio,” Nikica Klobucar told Hina.

This is the second important award this radio documentary has received so far. It previously won the Grand Prix Award at the Prix Marulic Festival in Croatia.