Vucic no longer leader of SNS, Vucevic takes his place

NEWS 27.05.202316:02 0 komentara

Milos Vucevic confirmed that he was elected leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS).

After the SNS convention in Kragujevac, Vucevic announced that the party will take part in the formation of the People’s Movement for the State.

“The SNS supported the proposal of the former leader of the party and the President of Serbia (Aleksandar Vucic) to take part in the formation of the People’s Movement, and I think you will be able to see much more concrete steps regarding that issue by the end of June,” Vucevic said.

According to him, he expects that new party leadership will be elected on June 24.

He thanked Vucic for his support for the SNS leader candidacy, stating that they are “opening a new chapter in their book.”

“Our policy will not change. We remain a party that is the engine of the development of our homeland, but also a party that preserves and cherishes the traditional values of the Serb people, of all citizens of Serbia,” said Vucevic.