Daily: Citizens believe that Croatia is safest country in Europe at night

NEWS 05.06.202311:38 0 komentara
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Photo by Sanja Simić on Unsplash

According to the subjective sense of security, Croatia is the safest country in Europe, the Adventourely portal announced in an article based on a study that used various publicly available data, the Jutarnji List daily reported on Monday.

In the article that talks about how safe people feel while walking at night in Europe, the first five in terms of perceived safety are Croatia, Slovenia, Iceland, Georgia, and Switzerland.

Croatia occupies the highest position with an impressive safety rate of 74.63, followed by Slovenia with 74.40. Iceland secures third place with a safety rate of 72.26, while Georgia and Switzerland round out the top five with rates of 69.72 and 69.35 respectively.

On the other hand, France is at the bottom of the list with a safety rate of 35.59, followed by Belarus with 36.44. Belgium ranks second to last with a safety rate of 41.25, while the United Kingdom and Sweden complete the bottom five with rates of 43.00 and 43.69 respectively.

The lower perceived safety in countries such as France, the United Kingdom and Sweden is surprising, given their economic status and stable social and political environment. It suggests a potential discrepancy between actual and perceived safety, or could reflect broader societal issues that affect the public’s sense of safety.

Although there appears to be a geographic trend, with the Balkan and Baltic regions feeling safer than Western and Eastern Europe, the data show that GDP is not strongly correlated with perceived security.

It is important to note that these results give a general picture and may differ within each country depending on different cities, districts and demographics, according to the Adventourely portal, the daily reported.