Chief prosecutor: Indictments in Janaf and wind park cases will be filed soon

NEWS 28.06.202221:29

State Attorney General, Zlata Hrvoj-Sipek, said on Tuesday that indictments would soon be filed in the Janaf and wind park corruption cases.

She said she was pleased with the pace of the investigations in the two cases.

“I hope that when the indictment in the Janaf case is filed, it won’t be claimed that I did it just because the president of the republic requested it.”

Speaking of the Agrokor case, in which a new indictment was filed last week, she said the previous indictment was withdrawn because an investigation showed that a prosecutor working on the case abused her office.

“If we hadn’t withdrawn the indictment, there would have been criticisms that there was no fair trial, that witnesses were being pressured and such. Now we confirmed the evidence that was collected, marginally corrected the indictment and cleared things up.”

She said there were no doubts that the indictment panel in the Agrokor case would question the facts, and that she thought the financial expert analysis on which the indictment was based would pass. Contrary to the defense’s claims, there was no conflict of interest, she added.

Attending the presentation of a project for the further enhancement of the judiciary by modernizing the Croatian justice system, Hrvoj-Sipek said there had been no investment in premises and equipment for a long time but that things started to improve in recent years.

“We welcome modernization projects, but the introduction of technology requires the education of people, for which it’s not enough to attend courses. You can’t motivate clerks to use modern technology while being paid less than the minimum wage.”

Asked about a staff shortage at the State Attorney’s Office, she said they were short six to seven people in criminal cases but that this shortage did not affect the quality of the work done.