Economy minister announces new petrol prices

NEWS 18.07.2022 14:26
Source: Emica Elvedji/PIXSELL/ilustracija

For the next two weeks, the price of petrol will be 13.02 kuna per litre, down from 13.50 kuna, while the price of diesel will go up from 13.08 per litre to 13.43, Economy Minister Davor Filipovic announced on Monday.

Also, fuel prices on motorways and elsewhere will be equated and the government will extend the price cap on blue-dyed diesel to 9.45 kuna per litre for another two weeks, he told the press after a government conference call.

The retail margin stays 0.65 kuna per litre of petrol and diesel, as do excises of 0.80 kuna on petrol and 0.40 kuna on diesel.

“Without these government moves, the price of diesel would have been 15.70 kuna and the price of petrol 14.92 kuna,” the minister said.

(€1 = 7.5 kuna)


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