Former mayor and two police officers indicted over corruption probe leak


Anti-corruption investigators Uskok on Thursday formally issued the indictment "against a former mayor of Pozega and MP of the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, Darko Puljasic, and two police officers over disclosure of confidential information about a corruption probe investigating him," state agency Hina said on Thursday.

“Without revealing the identities of the three suspects, Uskok only stated that the indictment refers to two police officers from the Pozega-Slavonia County police department who had informed an office-holder, at his instigation, about an investigation launched against him on suspicion that he had rigged public procurement processes,” Hina added.

Hina did not explain how they found out the suspect’s identity.

Both police officers were suspended from their duties in late November after a criminal report was lodged against them for leaking confidential information.

The indictment against Puljasic for the tender rigging scheme was issued in September 2021 and was upheld this March.