Melanoma incidence on the rise in Croatia

NEWS 30.05.202314:54 0 komentara

With increasingly sunny days coming, experts are warning about the importance of education on proper protection from the sun and prevention of skin cancers, with emphasis on melanoma, the incidence of which is rising.

If not diagnosed in time, melanoma often has the most malignant course and the worst prognosis.

According to Cancer Register data, 753 melanoma cases were diagnosed in 2020 and 227 persons died of melanoma in 2021.

If diagnosed in time, skin cancer is curable in 99% of the cases, experts say.

This year again, preventive examinations have been organised in five cities as part of the #SaveYourSkin public health project. In Zagreb, for example, 327 free mole examinations have been performed in two days and 14 suspicious moles have been detected.