Transport Minister: Parliamentary majority is stable

NEWS 21.02.2022 13:09

MInister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) deputy leader Oleg Butkovic said on Monday that he was surprised by former minister Darko Horvat's arrest on Saturday, adding however, the parliamentary majority is stable.

Butkovic did not wish to speculate on a possible government reshuffle.

“We will have our party meetings today. I cannot say anything except that the parliamentary majority is stable, that the party will discuss the latest developments and make the relevant decisions,” Butkovic said in the town of Gospic.

After party bodies and the party’s leadership discuss the entire situation, we will conduct a coalition meeting, he added.

“For now the parliamentary majority is stable. I am not worried, as you can see, we are doing our job,” he claimed.

He rejected the possibility of taking on a new portfolio and a possible government reshuffle.


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