Coronavirus: Slovenia reports 2,668 new cases, 11 deaths

NEWS 25.11.2021 14:06
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Source: Photo by Medakit Ltd on Unsplash / ilustracija

In the last 24 hours, 2,668 new coronavirus cases and 11 Covid-related deaths have been registered in Slovenia, which is significantly less than the day before, with other pandemic parameters also showing slight signs of abating on a daily and weekly basis, the authorities said on Thursday.

Of 7,194 tests conducted, 2,688 or 37.1% turned out positive. Another 11 Covid-19 patients died, the Slovenian government reported on Thursday.

A total of 1,145 Covid-19 patients are receiving hospital treatment of whom 286 are placed in intensive care units.

Currently, there are 42,559 active cases in the country, or 898 fewer than on Wednesday.

The seven-day incidence rate per day is 2,786 per 100,000 residents, while the 14-day incidence is 2,019 per 100,000.


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