Croatia records 33 pct more deaths in November 2020

NEWS 31.12.2020 14:07
Source: N1

In November 2020 Croatia recorded 1,357 more deaths than in November 2019, a rise of 33 percent, Jutarnji List daily reported on Thursday citing data released by the state statistics bureau.

In November 2020 Croatia recorded 5,486 deaths, the highest number in November in the past decade. The previous highest number of deaths in November (4,516) was recorded in 2011.

Ozren Polasek, a public health professor at the Split Faculty of Medicine, told the newspaper that Covid-19 caused at least 458 more deaths in November 2020 than the 4,244 expected without the virus, and that they were due to a spike in new infections recorded in October and part of November.

He said more detailed indicators would be known in the next two months, such as deaths broken down by cause, county, age and sex.


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