Kosovo takes in 683 Afghans, expects about 2,000

NEWS 06.09.2021 16:59
Source: U.S. Marine Corps/Sgt. Isaiah Campbell/Handout via REUTERS

A total of 683 Afghan citizens have so far been granted temporary accommodation in Kosovo, the country's Interior Minister Xhelal Svecla said on Monday.

The Afghans are accommodated in the Bechtel-Enka camp in Ferizaj (also known as Urosevac), and another 91 Afghan civilians are accommodated in the nearby US military base Bondsteel.

Kosovo’s authorities have said earlier that they will take in about 2,000 Afghans who had worked with the United States and other NATO countries during the Afghanistan War. There will be more arrivals next week, and under Kosovo’s current rules, they will be able to stay in the country for no longer than a year.

The Afghans are expected to stay in Kosovo until their documents for resettlement in the United States or other NATO countries are prepared, according to Radio Free Europe.


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