Nobel laureate Ivo Andric to get a mural in his hometown of Travnik, Bosnia

NEWS 11.10.2021 13:19

The image of Nobel laureate, novelist Ivo Andric, will appear on a large mural on the facade of the city library in his hometown, central Bosnian town of Travnik.

The mural will be painted by artist Deni Bozic, who has so far created over a hundred of murals in across Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the northern Doboj, where he lives.

He already painted Andric’s image in Doboj. Among his greatest works are the images of basketball players Kobe Bryant and Nikola Jokic, which was covered by US media.

Andric’s mural is a project initiated by the Center for Culture RadoGOST, in cooperation with the City Library of Travnik, within the Andric’s Days 2021.


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