Report: Industrial turnover in June 2022 up by 27.8 pct year-on-year

NEWS 30.08.2022 09:36
Source: Pixabay/Ilustracija

 In June 2022, industrial turnover was 27.8 percent up year-on-year, state newds agency Hina said on Tuesday, citing publicly available data released by the state statistics bureau.

Year-on-year, total seasonally adjusted industrial turnover in June was up 29.8% on the domestic market and 25.2% on the foreign market. Month-on-month, it rose 1.6% on the domestic market and 4.3% on the foreign market.

The highest year-on-year increase was recorded in the sale of energy (+118.8%), followed by durable consumer goods (+37%), intermediate goods (+21.8%), non-durable consumer goods (+21.6%), and capital goods (+11.4).

Year on year, industrial turnover has been increasing since early 2021, except in February that year, when it dropped 7.7%. In January 2021, it was up by 1.7% from January 2020 and since March increases have been in two-digit numbers, the highest in April (+40.6).

The sale of energy in June 2022 grew the most month on month, by 32.1%, the sale of durable consumer goods increased by 6.9% and of non-durable consumer goods by 3%. The sale of intermediate and capital goods fell by 4.9% and 1.5% respectively.


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