US slams Bosnia for abstaining in UN vote condemning Iran’s protest crackdown

Source: FENA

The United States regrets that Bosnia and Herzegovina abstained from voting on the United Nations General Assembly's Third Committee session resolution on Iran's human rights situation, which took place on November 16, the US Embassy in Sarajevo said on Tuesday.

The comment comes days after the vote at the UN General Assembly, when the Bosnian ambassador joined 67 other countries that abstained from voting in this case.

“We expect greater support from BiH for the basic human rights of the Iranian people as well as continued alignment with the positions of the European Union on BiH’s path to Euro-Atlantic integration,” the US embassy tweeted. The embassy reiterated the US “steadfast commitment” to supporting the Iranian people protesting nationwide and demanding accountability for their government.

“We will continue to hold Iranian officials and government institutions to account for their human rights violations and mass suppression of the Iranian people,” the embassy underlined.

Nearly all European countries voted to support the resolution which condemned the ruling Iranian regime’s human rights violations amid ongoing nationwide protests. Notable exceptions were Russia and Belarus, which voted against, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which abstained, and Serbia – which did not vote vote at all.


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