Croatia sending aid shipment to earthquake-hit Turkey

NEWS 24.03.202317:12
Saša Dodik/N1

Croatia is sending 40 housing containers, 60 beds and 120 mattresses to earthquake-affected Turkey, Civil Protection Director Damir Trut announced in the central Croatian town of Sisak on Friday.

Trut said this was the third aid shipment to Turkey after a humanitarian aid convoy in February and the deployment of a search and rescue team.

The latest aid shipment will be delivered by the HZ Cargo rail company. The train is due to depart from the central city of Sisak today.

The value of the shipment is around €350,000, and the cost of transport of about €68,000 will be refunded from the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The Croatian Caritas charity took part in raising the aid along with state institutions. Its director, Tomislav Glavnik, said that in this way they are showing solidarity with people in need.

Caritas has so far donated about €550,000 for earthquake victims in Turkey. Its contribution to this aid shipment is €114,000, Glavnik said.

The seeing-off ceremony was also attended by Turkish Ambassador Yavuz Selim Kiran, who thanked the Croatian government for all the assistance extended.

The Civil Protection Directorate said that this is also a return gesture, recalling 200 housing containers that Turkey sent to Croatia after it was hit by devastating earthquakes three years ago.