Croatia’s export drops by 0.7 pct in 2020, import by 6.9 pct

NEWS 25.06.202114:15
Pixabay (ilustracija)

Croatia's commodity exports in 2020 totaled 112 billion kuna (€15 billion), down by 750 million kuna or 0.7 percent from 2019, while imports totaled 172 billion kuna (€23 billion), down by 13 billion kuna or 6.9 percent year-on-year, state agency Hina reported on Friday citing data released by the state statistics bureau.

The foreign trade deficit was 60 billion kuna (€), down by 12 billion, or 17 percent, from 2019. A stronger fall of import compared to export affected the coverage of imports by exports, which was 65 percent in 2020, increasing by about 4 percentage points compared to 2019.

With an 86 percent share in total exports in 2020, manufacturing realized a decrease in export of about 5 percent. Manufacturing accounted for 91 percent of all imports. Croatia’s most important foreign trade partners were other EU countries. Foreign trade in goods with the EU market accounted for 70 percent of the country’s total exports in 2020, and about 80 percent of total imports.

In 2020, commodity exports to the EU totaled 78.2 billion kuna, up 1.4 percent on the year, while imports from the EU fell by 7.1 percent to 138.4 billion kuna. Croatia’s largest foreign trade partners from the EU in 2020 were Germany, Italy, and Slovenia.

Trade with non-EU countries accounted for about 30 percent of Croatia’s total exports in 2020 and about 20 percent of total imports. Croatia’s biggest foreign trade partners outside the EU were Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

(€1 = 7.49 kuna)