Montenegro reports highest number of new Covid cases in 4 months

NEWS 11.08.2021 13:16
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Steven Saphore / AFP / ilustracija

Montenegrin epidemiologists confirmed 332 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, the highest daily number in the past four months.

With 2,635 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, Budva, which, together with Ulcinj, is recording the biggest tourist turnover this summer, ended up in the red zone.

The number of positive tests has increased to 9.95% from below 5%.

The director of the Public Health Institute, Igor Galic, said the virus was being transmitted locally again and that one could talk about a fourth wave.

Early this month, when cases started rising, Montenegro banned persons who have not been vaccinated or don’t have a negative test result from entering bars and restaurants. A vaccination certificate or a negative test are also required for night clubs.

Montenegro has fully vaccinated over one third of its adult population and is at the bottom of the immunization ranking in Europe. In order to encourage citizens to get vaccinated, the government will give everyone who is vaccinated this month a €50 tourist voucher they can spend in private accommodation or a state-owned hotel.

Opposition parties are criticizing the government’s open border policy, claiming the executive authority has put finance before people’s health by allowing tourists to enter the country without requirements.


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