Banks report successful changeover to the euro

Igor Soban/PIXSELL

Major Croatian banks said on Monday that the changeover to the euro on New Year's Day was successful, and added that all banking services are up and running. Some banks said that on Monday their offices would be open in the afternoon only.

This was confirmed by the six largest banks operating in Croatia – Zagrebacka Banka, Croatian Postal Bank (HPB), Privredna Banka Zagreb (PBZ), Erste Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, and OTP Bank.

The Croatian Banking Association (HUB), which brings together 19 leading Croatian banks, confirmed its members’ successful euro changeover.

Money in all bank accounts, as well as loans, were automatically converted to the euro at the fixed rate of 7.53 kuna per €1, HUB said, noting that around 2,700 ATMs had been adjusted in terms of software, supplied with cash and were ready to start issuing euro banknotes. A total of some 4,000 ATMs will have been adjusted and operational by 15 January at the latest.

Until 1 April, ATMs will issue mostly €10 and €20 banknotes to provide citizens with smaller denominations in the initial stage of the use of the new currency.  As of 1 April ATMs will gradually start issuing banknotes of other denominations as well, depending on banks’ inidividual policies, HUB said.

All banks, the state’s financial agency Fina, and offices of the state postal service Hrvatska Posta (HP) will offer exchange of kuna cash for euros free of charge throughout 2023, and individuals will be able to exchange up to 100 kuna banknotes and up to 100 kuna coins in a single transaction.