Survey: Croatian workers more likely to quit their jobs in the wake of pandemic

NEWS 23.02.202213:26 0 komentara

The most popular job website in Croatia,, released the results of a survey of its users on Wednesday which indicate that the so-called Great Resignation, i.e. large numbers of workers quitting their jobs during the pandemic, has arrived to Croatia.

According to the survey, the number one reason cited are poor workplace relationships.

The survey was conducted on a sample of 800 job seekers and 26 employers. They were all asked whether they had considered quitting their jobs more often during the past year compared to the time before the pandemic. More than half responded by saying that they have resigned during that period and found another job.

The most frequent reasons cited were poor inter-personal relationships in the workplace, and the feeling that the company they worked for did not value the work they were doing. Low earnings came in third on the list of reasons.

Half the respondents said they intended to change jobs in the following 12 months. As many as 88 percent of employers said that they have noticed an increased rate of workers leaving.

Respondents with higher education levels were slightly more likely to leave an employer (51 percent) followed by those with secondary school diplomas (48 percent). As many as 84 percent of workers with one year’s experience quit in the past 12 months, and only 18 percent of those who had more than 10 years of experience did so.

Employers are mostly of the belief that people quit because of low salaries. However, compared to the period prior to the pandemic, more employees are quitting because they feel they are not valued or they are fed up with their jobs.

“The Great Resignation here is still nowhere near the extent reported in America. However, it is definitely obvious that employees have begun reconsidering their priorities and those of their companies, and have started thinking about the best outcome for them. Poor work relations, companies that do not value their employees, low salaries, and poor working conditions are what prompt employees to re-think their job status,” said in their commentary.