Osijek offers accommodation for animals from Kyiv Zoo

NEWS 01.03.202215:04
Reuters TV via REUTERS

Osijek City authorities have proposed to the Kyiv Zoo that its animals could be transferred to and accepted in the Osijek Zoo, the mayor of the eastern Croatian city, Ivan Radic, said on Tuesday.

Radic held a meeting with the “Lesja Ukrajinka” association of ethnic Ukrainians in eastern Croatia and they visited the reception centre the city has prepared for Ukrainian refugees.

There are three families with 16 members in the centre already and they have been registered to be assigned refugee status. They are currently being accommodated with their friends in Osijek’s suburb of Tenja and in Vukovar-Srijem County.

Earlier in the day, another family with three children also arrived in Osijek, and once they are registered they will travel to Pozega to be accommodated with their friends.

Osijek residents have expressed their willingness to accept refugees, and hotels and hostels have also made their capacities available for the reception of refugees, the mayor said.

Representatives of the Osijek Public Transport company (GPP) are in contact with the Red Cross to send the company’s vehicles to the border to transport Ukrainian refugees to Osijek, if necessary.

Ukrainians will be able to use Osijek public transport services free of charge.

We want the war to end and we wish Ukrainians outside their homeland to be able to return to their homes as soon as possible, said Radic.

The head of the association, Oksana Martinjuk, thanked the local authorities for their great support and aid.